#342 Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection PS3 \ Online Expansion! Old Stage unlocking! King, Lili vs ghosts!

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Finally stumbled across the "Online Expansion" DLC for Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection on PS3. ; ) It adds Online Battle, Survival, and Practice modes, some new pictures (TTT?) to the Gallery, some new ghost AI characters? Okay I'm not sure about that last one but optimistically I like to think it does. ^_^

So I check the new modes out--don't find anyone to play in Online Battle, mind you, and you can't download ghosts in it like you can in Tekken 6--and also go over the "Old" vs the "New" stages in the game: the "Old" stages are from Tekken 5 (PS2), and have to be unlocked; mostly there are already "New" remixes of them, but actually I think I like the "Old" versions more for the most part. : D

The way to unlock them currently listed on GameFAQs though--beat Arcade Battle 3 times--isn't quite correct; it's actually either total matches won (20 to 30?) in any mode, and/or maybe time played: . For instance, I got the message after returning to the main menu from playing Ghost Battle for a while--and prior to that, I had only won maybe ten matches in Arcade Battle over two runs, without beating it:

The message that comes up is "Tekken 5 stages are now available via VS Battle STAGE SELECT"--which is true, but also not the whole story--because they're also available in Ghost Battle (and apparently Survival, although I didn't get them): they'll start to appear randomly after 8 or 9 matches.

In this session I went on to play Ghost Battle as King and Lili, and as King I went on a longish run of 20+ matches and did start to see the old stages popping up, the first at stage 9. : )

(Also, I've found that in Ghost Battle, when adjusting the Difficulty from the Pause menu, the new Difficulty setting doesn't really seem to kick in until you quit and restart the mode.)

0:00 - start & Options
1:10 - New "D5DR: Online" title screen!
2:30 - Gallery
5:00 - Practice: Old vs New stages, Mode Select
21:14 - Online Battle (menus)
31:41 - Survival - Eddie Gordo
38:12 - Ghost Battle: King
1:05:25 - Stage 9: old stages appearing!
1:32:48 - Ghost Battle: Lili
1:48:04 - customizing Lili 'p'
2:44:27 - wrap-up & what's next!

Happy New Year! : D

(I learned a couple things from watching MrGSTAR321's T5DR play-through :
- "Armor King" in this game is actually "Armor King II," younger brother of Armor King. :p So technically he's a new character, which explains why he's featured prominently in the XMB art.
- I didn't get an ending when beating the game with Marduk, but there *is* a video ending when beating the game with Armor King (II)--so I suppose it's likely you also get an ending when beating it with the other new characters, Lili and Dragunov.
- The "New" stages do have new music.)

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