All Tekken 3 Stages to TAG Difference Evolution Arcade

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All Stages Tekken 3 vs TAG 1 differences/comparison.

All stages from the Tekken 3 Arcade version, compared to its alter versions in Tekken Tag Tournament Arcade version. Tekken 3 Arcade OST has been used for the following stages.

Paul Phoenix/Bryan Fury - Punk Alley, USA - 00:04
King II - Skyring, Mexico - 00:35
Lei Wulong - Hong Kong Street, China - 01:16
Ling Xiaoyu - Carnival, China - 01:55
Hwoarang - Taekwondo Dojo, Korea - 02:35
Jin Kazama - Tiger Dojo Tokyo, Japan - 03:12
Yoshimitsu/Mokujin - Forest, Japan - 03:49
Forest Law/Kuma II/Panda - Martial Arts Dojo, China - 04:25
Nina Williams/Anna Williams/Gun Jack - Laboratory Courtyard, Russia - 05:09
Eddy Gordo/Tiger Jackson - Grassy Land, Brazil - 05:40
Heihachi Mishima/Julia Chang - Mexican Temple (Ogre's Temple Entrance), Aztec - 06:22
Ogre's Temple, Aztec, Mexico - 06:22
Jin Kazama/Ling Xiaoyu (alternate) - Mishima Polytechnical High School, Japan 06:59
True Ogre - Ogre's Temple, Aztec (Darkened Vers.) - 07:41

Interesting discoveries while recording for this video:
-Most footage is taken from the arcades demo play as it gives a better view of the stages!
-Nina's stage in Tekken Tag never appears in demo play or in the arcade mode, only in VS!
-Same is with Orgres Temple, which doesn't appear in the demo play either in Tekken 3 or TAG.
-School stage is hidden in Tekken 3, Jin and Xiaoyu need to wear school uniforms. (School stage only has one of the character's music, but in this edit, I placed the mid-boos stage music from the original Arcade instead)
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