Game 1 NBA Finals Recap | Giannis Returns, CP3 Shreds Bucks Defense, The Perfect Anthem

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On Wed.'s ep. of No Dunks, the guys discuss Chris Paul leading the Phoenix Suns to a Game 1 win over the Milwaukee Bucks in the 2021 NBA Finals, how Giannis Antetokounmpo looked after returning from a hyperextended knee, why the Suns' pick-and-roll game might be impossible to stop, Deandre Ayton's two-way dominance, unheralded roleplayers, and why Jrue Holiday needs to play infinitely better for the Bucks to have a chance. That, plus up or down on Judith Hill's national anthem, Silver saying the play-in tournament is here to stay, Kevin Love getting a Team USA spot, Patty Mills becoming the first Indigenous Australian to carry the flag into an Olympic Games opening ceremony, and more.

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