GTA 5 police chasing scene | Let's play GTA V again #shorts

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So hello guys and welcome back again and this gameplay there is the police chasing scene upto 4 stars and really I love this game as this is purely an open world game and very nice game also. I am here to play the game known as GTA 5 again and I want to tell you that this is the game which is very good and it has role play and online two versions. One of that is the online which is very good and cool and GTA 5 is the best game in India and all over the world too. If you want to play this game you can join me on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. I play so much games like this. Now I have a strong determination to be the richest person in the world of GTA 5 online. This game is so much good and I want that you will also like this gameplay. This is and adicting game. Once you sit to play this game you will play it for long as you can. Now a few days ago GTA 5 was for free and everyone claims that game and after that rockstar makes the biggest update ever and everyone's account was reset whoever makes a big amount of money with the help of glitch in the Bogdan problem. Bogdan heist was availaible in the facility and today. But in this gameplay I am running in front of cops through bike.
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