GTA San Andreas DYOM: [Jimmy Leppard] The Shadow Ring (part26) (720p)

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This is me (AznKei) playing an DYOM (Design Your Own Mission) in GTA San Andreas. These missions are from "The Shadow Ring" mission series and were made by "Jimmy Leppard".

'The Shadow Ring' is a secret criminal syndicate which has been operating all over San Andreas for years. Tom Rhodes (the founder) and the three other members of the syndicate (called the 'Shadows'), are the only ones who know about the name and the existence of the syndicate. What makes 'The Shadow Ring' unique is the principle on which its secrecy is kept. With the exception of Tom Rhodes, the identities of other three members of the syndicate are kept a secret from everyone, including each other, at all times. They never deal with each other directly, only through Tom Rhodes who is the ultimate middle man, the one who keeps everything in order and makes sure that everything runs smoothly inside the syndicate. But, once Tom Rhodes finds out someone outside 'The Shadow Ring' knows about its existence, the game changes dramatically.

The link of this DYOM mission series can be found at:

For those who really want to see more the DYOM mission playthroughs with audio commentary, please visit this link at: .

WARNING: If you want to play the mission and don't want to see the spoilers, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!
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