GTA San Andreas DYOM: [Kennkielz] Apocalypse 2021 (part5) (720p)

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This is me (AznKei) playing an DYOM (Design Your Own Mission) in GTA San Andreas. These missions are from "Apocalypse" mission series and were made by "Kennkielz". The reason of the 2021 at the title is because it's a remake of a mission pack under the same name made by the same author.

He and his partner (Officer Riley) had a disagreement leading the two fight resulting Michael to get suspended from his job as a cop and assigned to Los Santos Police Department. after the suspension ended, Michael is return to duty as an Officer and met and his new partner Officer Enriquez.
Officer Enriquez needed a new partner because his old partner (Officer Bradley) have been injured in their last duty together. a random guy bite Officer Bradley in the neck causing him to get injured.
Michael and Enriquez are go to Bradley`s House to visit him. but they didn`t know that the random guy who bit Bradley is infected by unknown virus which causing Bradley to turn into infected also. and this is where Michael`s Nightmare begin.

The link of this DYOM mission series can be found at:

For those who really want to see more the DYOM mission playthroughs with audio commentary, please visit this link at: .

WARNING: If you want to play the mission and don't want to see the spoilers, DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO!!!
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