Has the Red Dead Redemption Remaster just been CONFIRMED by the GTA Trilogy Trailer?

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A Red Dead Remaster seems WAY more likely now after that new Grand Theft Auto Trilogy trailer, for FOUR big reasons, all of which revolve around the earlier Kotaku

In this video we will also discuss the potential release window and launch consoles for the rumoured Red Dead Redemption port, based on how Rockstar have handled the announcement and launch of GTA The Trilogy - Definitive Edition.

0:00 What this Video is about
0:33 Does GTA The Trilogy confirm a Red Dead Remaster?
1:11 Does a Red Dead Remaster depend on GTA The Trilogy sales?
1:43 When will a Red Read Remaster come out?
2:26 What consoles will the Red Dead Remaster launch on?

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Red Dead Redemption
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