Homem-Aranha Parkour????Limusines Tratores Motos Ônibus Carros pista de obstáculos GTA V #11

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Hope you guys enjoy this compilation of your favorite videos on the channel! I am streaming a 24/7 loop stream for never ending entertainment!

How I make my videos:

I play GTA 5 along with game mods, and create different scenes and maps for each video.

I make my videos by playing GTA 5 and recording footage using OBS while commentating on the game.

This footage is brought to VEGAS 16 where it is edited and rendered solely by me.

I create my thumbnails by taking a screenshot of my GTA 5 game.
I later edit these screenshots using Photoshop and create my thumbnails.

All of the footage used in my video is 100% recorded and owned by me.

*Every gameplay clip in this channel is recorded and edited by myself (NO REUSED CONTENT).

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