NEW Red Dead Online Blood Money Update Breakdown!

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I’ve been talking non stop about the Red Dead Online Summer update and now it’s finally releasing. Today Rockstar Games revealed all the activities that we can look forward to with this new Red Dead Online Update and they’ve also given us a RDO trailer. In this video, I will be breaking down absolutely everything and given you all the information that you need to know!

The New Red Dead Online Blood Money Update Breakdown

The RDO Community has been getting more and more frustrated in recent months because of the lack of content coming to Red Dead Redemption 2 Online but today Rockstar Games announced the Red Dead Online Blood Money Update that will be releasing next week on the 13th July. We all expected a new RDR2 Online Update soon, Rockstar even said to expect an early summer release but we did not expect it to be releasing next week on the 13th July. With this new RDR2 Online Blood Money Update, there's a lot of excitement. We were promised new types of outlaw activities that players have been begging for since the release of Red Dead 2 Online back in 2018. FINALLY Rockstar Games are adding outlaw content that includes new types of robberies. The RDO Blood Money Update trailer and newswire has just been released, so in this video, we will be going through everything you should be excited for.

The RDR2 Summer Update will be bringing Robberies Red Dead Online. Most players are looking for Red Dead Online heists to finally be added which may be a bit of a stretch but it has been confirmed that the RDR2 update will include free roam robberies. We did predict this in a previous video called "The Truth About Robberies Coming To Red Dead Online".

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