PENALTY SHOOTOUT IN MY 417-0 WEEKEND-LEAGUE GAME! | Crazy Fifa 21 Fut Champs Game | Intense Ending

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Thank you for watching todays video, where i win a very intense game in my fut champs 417-0 world record run!

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Hello everyone!
I'm a 14 years old FIFA player from Denmark. Representing RBLZ Gaming the Esports Team of RB Leipzig, my dream is to become FIFA-World-Champion at one point. Subscribe to follow my fifa journey, and watch me hopefully win tournament after tournament!

What i post:
???? [Best goals from weekend league]
- Every week i am posting clips from my twitch livestream. These clips are some of the best goals i score in the weekend league. So if you're sad you missed a stream, you can always watch most of the content on my youtube channel!


???? [Fut Champions Rewards]
- I also post my rewards almost every thursday. I


???? [Pro Games]
- Every week i play in tournaments or against pros to get better at the game. Watch me play against pros on my twitch, or subscribe to this youtube channel to watch all of them every single week!



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