Tekken 2 VER.B [Arcade] - play as CPU Kazuya

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This is a play-through using CPU Kazuya in the Arcade version of Tekken 2 version B. Read on below for more

CPU Kazuya is the penultimate boss in the game, and he is a non-selectable character.


Not many people know this, but in this game there are 2 versions of Kazuya, both being programmed into the game as separate characters with their own slots:

The 1st version of him is the player version, in which the player can unlock and select through the use of an input command on the character select screen. This version of him has two costumes: the lower Karate outfit; and the white shirt/blue jeans.

The 2nd version of him is the CPU or Boss version, who cannot be unlocked and is unplayable. This version of him only has the purple suit costume, and only appears as a CPU-only boss character in single-player mode.

Most people think that CPU Kazuya is just Player Kazuya using a 3rd costume, which is discovered to not be the case.


---- When you complete the game with him in single-player mode, the time ranking screen does not scroll up enough so you cannot see his entry. You can still enter your name, but you cannot see what you're doing.

---- As mentioned earlier, he only has the purple suit costume/palette.

---- If you play through single player mode with him, he will actually face Boss Kazuya on Stage 9. This is unlike the player version Kazuya where he would face Heihachi on Stage 9 instead. This also means that CPU Kazuya can fight Heihachi as a normal opponent during the route.

---- His Stage 8 personal boss is Roger.

---- CPU and Player Kazuya are the only characters in the game to fight their personal sub-bosses (Roger) on Stage 8 without the "personal boss" BGM music theme.

---- Gameplay-wise, he seems to be identical to the normal player version of Kazuya.

---- Gameplay-wise, there may be damage infliction and receipt differences between him and Player Kazuya but I have not run any tests for this.

---- Gameplay-wise, in Version B, Kazuya has an extra sweep in his Rising Sun move, resulting in a possible 4 hits in total.


This is an upgrade to that adds some new moves; refines and balances out the gameplay; as well as having a more noticeable indication of the boss characters being available for selection. It seems that in the latest and last revision D (, revision D) of the game, all the boss characters are immediately available on the character select screen (besides CPU Kazuya of course).

The input commands to select the sub-bosses from works in this version of

However in some earlier revisions of , only two of the sub-bosses (Wang and Armor King) are initially available, and the sub-boss hidden input commands from does not work.

You can generally distinguish between and of the game by seeing what colour the winning icons (after a Round is won) under the lifebar are. If they are Red then it's ; if they are Green then it is

Interestingly, it should also be mentioned that in the Arcade versions of Tekken 2, there is a setting in the options/operator screen that allows you to set either Baek or Jun as the regular character on the character select screen.
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