Tekken 5.1 - Arcade System 256 | Nina VS Hwoarang HQ | Rare

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Digging in my old folder, found a Tekken match that been laying around for 15 years! Time to share the good stuff.

Tekken was a minor update to Tekken 5 and many characters were quite broke, the did not make it into the PS2 version, sadly, but the update of Dark Resurrection made the game its best!

Spotting the difference between T5 and visually you can tell by the red light in the back of the character screen instead of being blue and the lifebars being a turquoise color compared to the yellow in the standard Tekken 5. Other than that there were a lot of minor adjustments for all character moves and infinite combos and death traps from the previous version!

Tekken 5
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