Tekken 7 Season 2 PS4 Online Tournament #12 5/2/21

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Final Results:

List of Matches:

ArmaKu VS Burga_King_ 0:05

OB Cash VS AceUnlimited 7:49

OB Cash VS Venussall91 14:07

Rheloh VS ArmaKu 19:36

AceUnlimited VS Shin Blade 24:23

SPLASH| ddgreen94 VS Ouique 34:28

Armaku VS Shin Blade 42:47

OB Cash VS Hambuglarod 48:01

Rheloh VS AceUnlimited 56:22

Armaku VS OB Cash 1:03:39

SPLASH| ddgreen94 VS AceUnlimited 1:08:25

Quique VS Shin Blade 1:16:17

AceUnlimited VS Armaku 1:25:17

AceUnlimited VS Quique 1:33:45


Shin Blade VS QuiQue 1:42:00

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