Vaporeon VMAX Cheats the Rules of Evolution! (New Pokémon VMAX) (Eevee Heroes)

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Wanna play some Water Pokémon but don't wanna go through all that "evolution" malarky? Good News! Come see!

Attack 1: 03:35
Attack 2: 07:25

Jolteon VMAX:
Flareon VMAX:
Glaceon VMAX:
Umbreon VMAX:
Flareon V & Vaporeon V & Jolteon V:
Inteleon VMAX:
Leafeon V & Sylveon V:
Umbreon V & Glaceon V:
Gengar VMAX:
Espeon VMAX:

Crobat V Reprint is Great News:
Eevee Heroes Already Getting Silly:
Japanese Release Schedule:
New Shining Fates Products & Big Restocks:
Where is Special Delivery Charizard?:
Stop Using "Market Price":
Chilling Reign Looks Like the Biggest Set Ever:
Marnie Box is Real & Other News:
When are Promos Legal:
All Important Cards Lost to Rotation:
New Set Sold Out in Japan:
How Much are Urshifu VMAX Special Arts Worth:
2022 Rotation Announced:
50 Secret Cards in New Set:
Much Harder to Sell Pokémon:
Marnie Collection & Other New Products:
New Products (Deckboxes and Sleeves):
Impact Energy Rulings:
Stunning Alternate Arts Revealed:
Generations Prices Got Silly:
New Products, Glow in the Dark Poster & Lazy Art:
Are Dragon Pokémon Gone Forever:
Stop Grading Your Pokémon Cards:
Release Schedule:

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