We Visit Aberdeen Farm and AVOID DUTCH | Red Dead Redemption 2 | Blind Reaction and Playthrough [17]

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We spend this video FIRMLY avoiding Mr. Dutch van der Linde! Dutch? More like Ditch him before he makes me emotional again.

I get ridiculously sad whenever I look at him, AND bad things tend to happen whenever we talk to him ???? If he wants to talk to me, he can ride all the way up the map where I’m making Arthur help a widow survive in the wilderness.

I had a ton of fun doing all these side missions, though!!! We help a corrupt Mayor, find a little magician (who genUINELY SEEMS LIKE HE HAS MAGIC), help a widow out with hunting, and nearly get murdered at Aberdeen Pig Farm???? Just an ordinary day in the life of an outlaw, I suppose.

Man. I never want to stop playing this game. Existing in this little universe has been such a gift ❤️

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