What No-one Tells You About Dragunov! ~ Tekken 7 Dragunov Guide

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Tekken 7 Dragunov guide showing how to use Dragunov’s grappler-like moves from his move list and command list. I give a brief overview and breakdown of Dragunov’s throws, grabs and how to break them. I also look at Dragunov’s reversal and rage drive tackle and how it can lead to oki.

In future videos I will show you how to use Dragunov and play Dragunov in Tekken 7. My Dragunov guides will cover his basics and essentials as well as his key moves and bread and butter. I intend to look at Dragunov’s punishers and top moves and provide tips for beginners and above. These Dragunov guides are aimed at making you the best Dragunov player in Tekken 7 Online Ranked.

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